Tips to Transitioning Your Outfit from Day to Night

Select Versatile Pieces

Before you even get dressed in the morning, take the time to think about what pieces are versatile enough to take you from day to night. Wear earrings that can be worn in the night and still look amazing

Change Your Top

You can either add a jacket or change your blouse completely, adding a pop of colour also helps.

Layer Your Jewellery

When looking at ways to take an outfit from day to night, jewellery generally plays an important role. I usually wear minimal jewellery during the day, but stack it on at night. Keep a few necklaces or bracelets, whichever you prefer, stashed away in your handbag or at work and layer them on to glam up your outfit.

Switch Handbags

Changing your handbag is just one of the simpler ways to take an outfit from day to night. Ditch the roomy tote for a colourful clutch or glitzy side bag instead. 

Switch Shoes

When you’re looking for a way to take an outfit from day to night, consider switching your shoes. Trade in your flats for some sexy stilettos or swap your neutral pumps for a pair of strappy heels.

Add Makeup or Touch Up Your Makeup

A few touch ups in the form of liquid liner or lipstick can make all the difference in updating your look. You won’t always have the time (or patience) to re-do an entire face of makeup so something like a brightly coloured lipstick will do the trick instead.

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